Discover Guatape

Feel the freedom to be in the middle of mountains surrounded by fresh water, the great rock that adorns the most authentic passage conquered by a Guatapense citizen. We are a town that was formed thanks to the commerce of merchants with traveling and adventurous souls, arrieros and silleteros of that time that today can be represented in images placed in houses and visible spaces of those who inhabit this picturesque town. The zócalo as a unique stamp for its color and variety and thematic variety that has crossed borders positioning guatapé as a destination visited by tourists eager for diverse experiences.

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Answer nature´s call in this magical journey you are about to experience

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 In these classes you will not only work on flexibility but also strength by helping you improve your habits at work or at home.


 Learn to merge your hobbies with your daily life while still doing what you like. Here you will learn how Acroyoga mixes the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage and the dynamic energy of acrobatics. You do not need wings to fly.


Have you ever wondered about what is needed to learn Suyoga?

It is yoga sessions on the water on a board. In Casa Encuentro, you’ll find some clues. This activity offers a simple yet powerful set of practices that activate the joints, muscles and energy system, bringing ease to the whole system. Will learn how to ride in the water while enjoying the landscape.

Sup yoga

Learn to use your body and connect with your inner self and explore skills to climb a tree, stand on your hands, make a bow or even dance. Release your body, being aware of controlling your movements and your mind.


This is a tour with a 7 hour duration in which you’ll have the opportunity to wander through Guatape, being sorrounded by lakes and mountains in the first 5 kilometers, then the whole enviroment suddenly changes; from pines and a template climate  to a dense tropical forest. Then you’ll walk to a magnificent waterfall  -unkown to most foreigners and locals-


After enjoying this marvel of nature we head to San Rafael to have a tipical lunch and then finishing with a stupendous ride in a truck back to Guatape


if what you want is to go exploring because you are one of those who like the same way to surprise you this is the perfect scenario for you. Rent any of these 2 equipment and we will recommend incredible routes that will not require guidance, become an adventurer of these tours.


Want to go to the outskirts of town?

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Duration: 3 hours 

Difficulty level from3/5 Distance: 16 km

the seven waterfalls: Hiking/cascadas-del-cristalino-7031295 Duration walking: 6 hours (round trip) Difficulty level from 1 to 5: 3 Distance traveled: 15 km 


It is an activity that does not require prior knowledge to perform, it is also easy to learn suitable for all ages, it consists of a table of almost 3 meters in very light length, with the help of an oar and the other safety equipment you can go through guatape from the standing water or sitting at the table, an experience that allows you to calmly navigate taking advantage of the calm waters of your reservoir