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Casa encuentro

being already a site with experience in tourism for more than 10 years, ideal to rest and connect with nature, in addition to being unique for all the artistic load impregnated in every corner of the place offering a lifestyle rather than a simple overnigh

Casa Encuentro offers activities and experiences that motivate good physical and spiritual well-being practices, stop your daily life and free yourself from stress, contemplate and enjoy the natural in all its splendor. Right in this environment is our faraya room where you can potentiate your senses that propose a way of living in harmony that teaches: awareness, self-esteem and discipline such as yoga, acroyoga, meditation, preparation for paddle boarding, movement classes.

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Where to go in Guatape

1. Calle del recuerdo: Its sockets tell moments of indigenous history, of Spanish colonization and its multicolored facades that highlight the vocations of its inhabitants, where the memories of a thriving town are portrayed.

2. Historical museum: place that gathers and preserves part of the past represented in archaeological and other important elements that brings us closer to the historical legacy of the municipality. (admission is free)

3. Plazoleta del zócalo: it concentrates handicraft shops and souvenirs of local and national artisans, a whole range of good possibilities to find that detail, taste a good coffee and take time to the beat of a pleasant melody, since this site gathers musical artists and Theatricals that win applause by sharing their outdoor cultural presentations for the enjoyment of every visitor.

4. Main Park: Our Lady of Carmen Parish is located, touring the park is choosing a good place to enjoy and chat.


5. Playground and soccer field: it brings together many family members, who in the afternoon and evening congregate to observe sports practices on the great court of the town, in addition to being close to very good restaurants that offer a varied national cuisine as well as international.

6. El malecon: it crosses from end to end the central sector of that of the municipality, ideal for touring it and enjoying the Puerta del Sol, craving some of the many water attractions or enjoying local dishes especially the traditional paisa tray that There is easy to find.

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